Remodeling A Bathroom With No Window: 4 Tips

Bathrooms are typically thought of as light, airy rooms. But what if you have an interior bathroom without any windows? If you plan smartly, there are ways to make such a bathroom feel better lit and more open when you remodel. Here are a few top suggestions.

Add a Skylight

If this is a bathroom on the top floor of your home, you can consider adding a skylight. Skylights work well in bathrooms because they let in plenty of light without compromising your privacy. Your bathroom remodeling team may need to coordinate with a roofer or window installer to add a skylight to the space, so be prepared for this upgrade to take a little time. Even if you don't have room for a full skylight in your bathroom ceiling, a pair of small tunnel skylights can bring some natural sunlight into the space.

Use a Light or Pale Color Scheme

You've probably heard that dark colors make a room look smaller. It is also true that light colors make a room look larger. It is also true that if a space is poorly lit, it will look better lit if the walls are lighter in color. So, stick with light colors like pale gray, white, pale blue, and cream when you remodel your bathroom. You can add a pop of darker colors with hand towels or small paintings if you like to add contrast or if you like specific dark colors.

Light Your Counters and Cabinets

Talk to your remodeling contractor about including lighting in your cabinets and counters. You can have automatic lights installed in your cabinets; they turn on whenever you open a door or drawer, making it easier to see what's inside. Under-cabinet lighting can also illuminate whatever is sitting on your counter. None of these lights take up a lot of room. They won't make your bathroom feel cluttered.

Choose Smoother Materials

Highly textured materials, such as fuzzy carpet and brick tile, can make a space look closer and more cozy. This is the opposite of what you want in a bathroom without windows. If you instead go with smoother materials, such as ceramic tile flooring, stone counters, and smooth paint, the space will feel larger and more open, overall.

If your windowless bathroom is targeted for a home renovation, remodel it with these things in mind. Talk to your remodeling contractor about these ideas, and ask them if they have any additional recommendations about home renovations.